“Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.”

~ Albert Einstein


A Whole Blood Collection and Culture Tube for Standardized Immunophenotyping Procedures

TruCulture tubes are designed to capture immune cell activity at the time and place of sample collection, thereby minimizing the bias and variability introduced by sample shipping and manipulation. These revolutionary tubes consist of an integrated whole-blood collection and leukocyte culture system that is reliable, simple to use and does not require specialized laboratory equipment. TruCulture enables researchers to reproducibly ascertain information about immune responses to stress or stimulation, including responses to novel therapeutics. The ex vivo TruCulture procedure preserves physiological cellular interactions to more accurately reflect the complexities of the human immune system, bringing added value to immune monitoring in clinical trials.

How TruCulture Works:

TruCulture tubes simplify and optimize the procedure for immune stimulation, assuring standardization and harmonization of results across different laboratories.


TruCulture tubes are pre-loaded with cell culture media and your choice of stimulant. The tubes are sent frozen and shipped directly to the collection site.

1mL of blood is drawn directly into the tube.


The tubes are incubated in dry heat blocks at 37°C for at least 30 minutes and up to 48 hours, depending on the application.

After incubation, an easy to use mechanical separator is inserted to stop the reaction.


The frozen tubes should be sent to Myriad RBM’s testing laboratory for analysis of secreted cytokines and chemokines.

The tubes are also compatible with flow cytometry and gene expression analysis.

TruCulture Tube Components

TruCulture has been utilized as a whole-blood stimulation system by researchers and drug developers in several fields to reliably measure immune response for the following applications.

  • Pharmacodynamics (including dose response)
  • Functional immune cell analysis
  • Disease characterization
  • Patient stratification
  • Genotype – to – Phenotype association studies

In one pertinent example, our partner, The Institut Pasteur, demonstrated the indispensable benefits of TruCulture in The Milieu Intérieur (“Environment Within”) project. Briefly, the Milieu Intérieur project is working to establish the determinants of a healthy immune response by identifying the genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors that contribute to the observed heterogeneity of immune responses. The challenge of the project is to establish the boundaries of a healthy immune response, and to that end, the Milieu Intérieur Project recruited 1,000 healthy individuals stratified across age (five-decades of life from age 20 – 69), and gender (1:1 gender ratio). TruCulture tubes were an integral part of the Milieu Intérieur clinical study, used as a standardized method for monitoring human response to immune stimulation.

To define the boundaries of a healthy immune response, The Milieu Intérieur project combined the use of TruCulture whole blood culture system with the use of stimuli to define the protein signatures induced by (i) medically relevant bacteria, fungi and viruses; (ii) agonists specific for defined host sensors; (iii) clinically employed cytokines; and (iv) activators of T cell immunity.

View an Overview of The Milieu Intérieur Project:

View Peer-Reviewed Publications Citing TruCulture




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Therapy Indications

Milieu Intérieur: Personalized Immune Response Monitoring

“We hope to advance the promise of personalized medicine with functional biomarkers.”
Dr. Matthew Albert, Director of the Department of Immunology; Co-Director and Founder of the Center for Human Immunology at Institut Pasteur; Adjunct Faculty at Cochin Hospital

Applications of TruCulture in Chronic infection

“What makes our project unique is our ability to induce standardized immune responses…possible because of the reproducibility of the TruCulture system.”
Dr. Darragh Duffy, Laboratory of Dendritic Cell Biology, Department of Immunology, Institut Pasteur

Statistical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling of Data Derived from TruCulture

“[Using TruCulture] we get high quality data with very little variation.”
Pr. Magnus Fontes, Director of the International Group for Data Analysis, Institut Pasteur

Part # Description Type
782-001086 Null TruCulture Tubes (TC Tubes Null) Control
782-001291 NegCo Control
782-001219 TNF-alpha (TC Tubes TNFa 10ng/ml) Cytokine
782-001224 Intron A, IFN-alpha (TC Tubes IFNa) Cytokine
782-001277 Interferon beta (TC Tubes IFN-beta) Cytokine
782-001278 Interleukin-1beta + tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TC Tubes IL-1b+TNFa) Cytokine
782-001279 Intron A + anti-CD3 + anti-CD28 (TC Tubes IFNa+CD3+CD28) Cytokine
782-001225 Intron A + LPS-EB high (TC Tubes IFNa+LPS-EB) Cytokine / TLR4 Ligand
782-001272 Adenosine Triphosphate + Lipopolysaccharide, high concentration (TC Tubes ATP+LPS-EB) NLRP3 Inflammasome / TLR4 Ligand
782-001273 Lauroyl-γ-D-glutamyl-meso-diaminopimelic acid (TC Tubes C12-iE-DAP) NOD Ligand
782-001280 Lipoarabinomannan from M. smegmatis (TC Tube LAM-MS) NOD Ligand
782-001124 SEB TruCulture Tubes (TC Tubes SEB) T-Cell
782-001125 CD3/CD28 TruCulture Tubes (TC Tubes CD3+CD28) T-Cell
782-001126 SEB/CD28 TruCulture Tubes (TC Tubes SEB+CD28) T-Cell
782-001202 CD3 TruCulture Tubes (TC Tubes CD3) T-Cell
782-001259 Zymosan TruCulture Tubes (TC Tubes ZYM) TLR2 Ligand
782-001274 Fibroblast-stimulating Lipopeptide (TC Tubes FSL-1) TLR2 Ligand
782-001275 HKEB (TC Tubes HKEB) TLR2 Ligand
782-001276 HKLR (TC Tubes HKLR) TLR2 Ligand
782-001282 Polyinosinic:polycytidylic acid (TC Tube Poly I:C) TLR3 Ligand
782-001087 LPS TruCulture Tubes (TC Tubes LPS) TLR4 Ligand
782-001261 LPS-EB high (TC Tubes LPS-EB) TLR4 Ligand
782-001089 LPS+SEB TruCulture Tubes (TC Tubes LPS+SEB) TLR4 Ligand / T-Cell
782-001264 Resiquimod R848 (TC Tubes R848) TLR7/8 Ligand
782-001269 Gardiquimod (TC Tubes GDQ) TLR7/8 Ligand
782-001281 Class A CpG oligonucleotide + LPS-EB high (TC Tube ODN2216+LPS-EB) TLR9 Ligand

If the stimulant you’d like to use in our TruCulture tubes is not listed, please fill out this form to request it. One of our experts will contact you to discuss the feasibility of your request. Thank you for your interest in TruCulture.

Request a Stimulant 

Myriad RBM provides quantitative measurement of immune related proteins from TruCulture supernatants. Whether your specific application requires a broad range or a focused set of analytes, Myriad RBM’s panels are designed to meet your needs. Our panels range from our broad 44-analyte TruCultureMAP®, specifically designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of functional immune cell activity, to our more focused CytokineMAP A and B panels and our CustomMAP options, which allow you to build a panel based on your analytes of interest. Multiplex immunoassay analysis of TruCulture supernatants is conducted in our CLIA-certified testing laboratory.

Click or mouse over biomarkers for more information. Analytes included in this MAP are subject to change.
1. Alpha-1-Antitrypsin2. Alpha-2-Macroglobulin
3. Beta-2-Microglobulin4. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor
5. C-Reactive Protein6. Complement C3
7. Eotaxin-18. Factor VII
9. Ferritin10. Fibrinogen
11. Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor12. Haptoglobin
13. Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 114. Interferon gamma
15. Interleukin-1 alpha16. Interleukin-1 beta
17. Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist18. Interleukin-10
19. Interleukin-12 Subunit p4020. Interleukin-12 Subunit p70
21. Interleukin-1522. Interleukin-17
23. Interleukin-1824. Interleukin-2
25. Interleukin-2326. Interleukin-3
27. Interleukin-428. Interleukin-5
29. Interleukin-630. Interleukin-7
31. Interleukin-832. Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-1 alpha
33. Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-1 beta34. Matrix Metalloproteinase-3
35. Matrix Metalloproteinase-936. Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 1
37. Stem Cell Factor38. T-Cell-Specific Protein RANTES
39. Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases 140. Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha
41. Tumor Necrosis Factor beta42. Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2
43. Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-144. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
45. Vitamin D-Binding Protein46. von Willebrand Factor

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