CustomMAP Builder

CustomMAP Builder

Step 1: Launch
Welcome to Myriad RBM's CustomMAP Builder.

Use this tool to create a CustomMAP consisting of biomarkers from our menu that are important to your research.

What You Should Know before Starting
  • This tool allows you to select your biomarkers of interest that will comprise your CustomMAP.
  • The biomarkers you choose for your CustomMAP are typically spread across several multiplexes. This tool informs you of the number of multiplexes needed to build your CustomMAP.
  • The price of your CustomMAP will depend on the number of multiplexes needed to build your CustomMAP.
  • In addition, the tool displays all additional biomarkers included in the multiplexes chosen which we term, Bonus Biomarkers. Measurement of these biomarkers is optional and free of charge.
    • Important Note: Even if you delete any or all bonus biomarkers, data for those assays will be generated and stored in our system unless you specifically request otherwise. If you have concerns about the generation of these data, please contact your sales representative to discuss our Custom Data Collection service.
  • There is a 50 sample minimum for all CustomMAP orders.
  • Your request will be submitted to your Myriad RBM representative who will provide you with pricing information specific to your CustomMAP.

Definition of a multiplex: A multiplex is an assay that simultaneously quantifies multiple protein analytes in a single run of the assay. Individual multiplexes typically contain 4-16 assays.

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