Interleukin-1 receptor type 1 (IL-1RI)

IL1 receptor Type I is one of two receptors that binds to IL-1. It is an 80 kDa transmembrane protein, expressed predominantly by T cells, fibroblasts, and endothelial cells. IL-1RI does not heterodimerize with IL-1RII.

Swiss-Prot Accession Number: P14778

Myriad RBM Publications Publications
A randomised, placebo-controlled trial of anti-interleukin-1 receptor 1 monoclonal antibody MEDI8968 in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (2017) Calverley PMA, Sethi S, Dawson M, Ward CK, Finch DK, Penney M, Newbold P, van der Merwe R Respir Res.