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In order to process your samples, our lab must receive a completed sample submission form. To avoid processing delays, please include a copy of your sample submission form with your sample shipment. If you are sending human samples, please complete and send the human sample submission form. Please click below to download the sample submission best practices document and the forms appropriate to your sample type.

Shipping Procedure:

Samples must be frozen and shipped by an overnight courier, in an insulated container with enough dry-ice to last at least 72 hours.

For shipments from outside of the United States please contact us at info@myriadrbm.com and we will supply the appropriate import permits. We would suggest enough dry-ice to last 96 hours.

Shipping Address:

Kalyn Sowell, Myriad RBM
3300 Duval Rd
Austin, TX 78759 USA


(512) 275-2644 Ext. 644