Changing Game Plan for Protein Profiling

January 1, 2007 — Genetic Engineering News & Biotechnology. Volume 27, Number 1. “The Changing Game Plan for Protein Profiling”. Integrated approaches are becoming the standard paradigm for proteomic studies. The “Multiplex Protein Biomarker Profiling” subsection highlights RBM’s capabilities including analyte menu expansion strategy and technology advantages.

Rules-Based Medicine and Multiplex Biosciences Merge

Merger extends R&D capabilities and product expertise; expands customer base

AUSTIN (November 15, 2006) — Rules-Based Medicine, Inc. (RBM), the leading multiplexed biomarker testing laboratory for the life sciences industry, announced today that it has merged with Lake Placid, New York-based Multiplex Biosciences, Inc. to extend its research and development capability in multiplexed assay product development and expand its customer base.

The combined company will operate under the Rules-Based Medicine name with headquarters located in Austin, Texas. Multiplex Bioscience employees will continue to work in Lake Placid, with immediate growth planned at that facility.

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